My name is Jakub. In Polish it’s Kuba – pronounced just like Cuba, the island.

I would be fine living in warm, nice Cuba. In fact, I’m fine living anywhere. For the time being, I’m based in Poznan, Poland, but most of the time I’m somewhere abroad, making photos and writing about the curiosities of this world. I like the world and I like the people who’re living out there – hope you can see it in my pictures. I think they’re ok, some of them even won international awards, like Travel Photograher of The Year.

While in Poland, I do public speeches about other countries, especially North and East (Middle East & East of EU). I do my best to show that we’re all less different than we think. I hope my work helps people understand other cultures better.

As a freelancer I work with biggest polish websites (www.wp.pl, www.onet.pl, www.interia.pl, etc.,) and printed magazines (National Geographic Traveler, Podróże, Kontynenty, Poznaj Świat, Rowertour, Elle Man, etc.). I run a blog about cycling and Russia (www.rowerowarosja.pl) my book about Baikal lake was published in 2015.

I love my work. Although all of the materials here are in polish, I’m quite good with English, so if you want to work with me, or just ask anything, feel free to contact 🙂 More of my work on Behance.

For some reason I enjoy harsh weather conditions and I need good clothes to feel comfortable. That’s why I am an ambassador of outdoor down brandAura.

If you are looking for original, reportage wedding photography, you can also try me 🙂

Some of my travels:

2016 – Greenland Ice Trip – cycling through mountains and lakes of Greenland

2016 – Labuche Kang III (7250 m.)- second highest unclimbed peak of the world

2016 – End of revolution – cycling on Cuba

2013 – Chiny, Kuksay Peak (7184m.) – first polish ascent

2013 – Baikal Ice Trip – cycling frozen Baikal lake (Syberia, Russia), 900km on ice

2012 – Tour de Asia – hitchhiking Central Asia, Iran, Iraq

2011 – Crossing Arctic Circle – cycling to Murmansk, Russia

2010 – Afghanistan, first polish climbing expedition to highest peak of the country- mt. Noshaq (7492m.) since soviet invasion in 1978. Then I travelled 1 month across remote Wakhan Corridor – part of Afghanistan utouched by war


Before: Cycling all around Europe, solo cycling from Baikal lake to Mongolia, by car to Kazkhstan, hitchhiking all over the Europe & Asia

My Travel Map

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